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Below you will find info about all domestic and international airlines who fly to and from Medellin.

Aero Republica
Office: Carrera 34a #1a Sur 2-59, Poblado
Phone: 268-4500
Colombian airline owned by COPA of Panama.
Direct flights to: Panama City, Caracas, Bogota, San Andres. With Connection in Bogota to Santa Marta, Cartagena, Cucuta, Cali, Baranquilla, Bucaramanga, Leticia
Best for, flights to the coast with a free 24 hours stopover in Bogota or flights to Panama and Caracas.

Office: Carrera 43a #1a Sur - 35, Poblado
Phone: 444-3434
Colombian airline owned by a rich Brazilian
Direct flights from Medellin to: Cartagena, Santa Marta, Bogota, New York, Miami.
With connection to: Cali, Pasto, Popayan, Madrid, Quito, Lima, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Riohacha
Best for direct flights from Medellin to Santa Marta, only airline in Colombia doing that. Also often special prices to Miami, Quito, Lima and Madrid.

Office: Calle 9 No. 41 - 56 El Poblado
Phone: 266-2185
Colombian airline owned by GOVT. Flys from Medellin cities airport (five minutes from Black Sheep Hostel. More of a regional airline.. No international flights from Medellin
Direct to Quibdo, Bahia Solano, Nuqui, Apartado, Bogota, Bucharamanga, Cali, Pereira With connection to a couple of dozen smaller regional towns including several in the Amazonas and on the border with Venezuela.
Best for flights to Bogota and for getting to places way way off the beaten track.

Office: Calle 10 No 35–32, Poblado
Phone: 444-4232
Privately held airline based in Medellin
Direct flghts to Baranquilla, Bucharamanga, Monteria, Quibdo, Nuqui, Bahia Solano, Necocli, Capurgana, Turbo, Acandi. Manizales, Armenia, Pereira, Cali.
Best for flights to the border town of Capurgana only a few kms from Panama and flights to the coffee country.

Office: Cl 9 43 A-31 Of 212m Poblado
Phone: 311-1600
Central American airline. Started flying in July, 08 from Med.
Direct flights to Lima, one per day Connections to Ascencion, Brazil, Buenos Aires, etc.
Best for the only direct flight from Medellin to Lima

Office: Calle 10 No 35–32, Poblado
Phone: 01 800 956 4509
Chile's national airline. Just started flying from Medellin.
Direct flight to Quito, one per day Connections to Lima, Cuzco, Santiago and everywhere else.
Not the cheapest airline but the flights to Lima can be good

American Airlines
Office: Carrera 43 A No1 A Sur - 69 Local 101
Phone: 381-4546
Almost bankrupt govt. propped up American airline
Direct flights from Medellin to Miami and New York.
Best known for crappy service, losing billions of dollars and losing your bags and charging you for a Bud.

Office: Carrera 43B No 14-29 Oficina 102, Edificio Centro de Negocios Alcala. Barrio Manila, Poblado
Phone: 268 8060
Ecuadorian airline in alliance with Avianca and its Brazilian owner.
Direct flights to Quito from Medellin Connections to Guayaquil, the Galapagos Islands, Cuenta and Manta.
Best for flying to the Galapagos islands.